Elyse Marks

Title: Founder, President
Company: EMIT Associates
Location: New Rochelle, NY United States

Elyse Marks has nearly 30 years of background experience in information technology and business consulting strategy and facilitation. In 2013, after holding a variety of leadership and management positions, including store systems manager and vice president of information technology, she founded EMIT Associates, an advisory group catering to the technical and employee developmental needs of small to mid-sized organizations. Through her company, she focuses on growing businesses through the integration of team training, software and system evaluations and implementations and team collaboration.

In her previous positions, Ms. Marks helped develop the POS System and served as user liaison and evaluated the company’s business processes. She also led the design, development and implementation of ERP software replacing nine legacy applications, as well as oversaw the systems integration of another major application. Through these experiences, she was able to develop a number of skills that would help her in the future, including strategic and project planning, process improvement, trend analysis, business process and employee training.

With EMIT Associates, Ms. Marks is able to put her many years of experience to practice. Her company offers a variety of services where she is able to show entrepreneurs how to manage a business, as well as create a plan to take their companies and employees to the next level. Additionally, she is also able to provide system evaluations and CIO services, as well as help mediate mergers and acquisitions and help consult on declaring bankruptcy.

Outside of the work she does for EMIT Associates, Ms. Marks is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women, and a member of the CIO executive council for Women in Leadership. She also supports a number of charitable causes, including education and human rights.

Contact Elyse Marks:

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