Ann M. Card

Title: Business Manager
Company: Nagel Electric
Location: Trumbell, CT United States

Ann Card grew up surrounded by a diverse group of people. Her family was always focused on helping others, and her parents fostered over 100 children over the years. Following her parents’ example, she was always doing her part to help, and now, she continues to do her part to make a difference in the lives of others.

With such a unique background, Ms. Card is extremely devoted to advocating for the safety and well-being of children. In particular, she is extremely passionate about the laws in Connecticut, and has worked with her state senate to pass laws. She was instrumental in the HB600 Booster Seat Law passing in October 2005, and has currently set her mind to working on laws for children custody, particularly with helping children that have been thrust into family issues, like divorce or hard times.

Ms. Card’s success can be attributed to her ability to recognize the other side of any given story. Extremely empathetic and respectful, she is able to place herself in another’s shoes in order to understand how they may be feeling and why. As a result of her “never give up” attitude and positivity, she is able to ultimately succeed in all her endeavors.

Looking to the future, Ms. Card wants to continue being instrumental in the changing of some of Connecticut’s laws. She particularly wants to focus on changing the protocol of primary custody rulings. Additionally, she wants to be remembered for taking the “thorns” from the roses turning them into a beautiful bouquet—or turning the negatives into positives.

In addition to her work with the Connecticut senate and laws, Ms. Card is also the business manager for the trusted electrical contracting company, Nagel Electric. There, she noted for her dedication for keeping customers current; she makes it a priority to follow up regarding the work completed to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the final results. Whether she is working within her industry or within her community, Ms. Card is committed to following through and accomplishing whatever she has set her mind to. She is currently a member of the B.E.I. and an honor roll society, and is a delegate of The International Women’s Leadership Association. When she isn’t working or performing community service, Ms. Card enjoys spending her free time with her son.

Contact Ann M. Card:

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