Christina Natiello

Christina NatielloTitle: Owner
Company: CNC General Construction
Consultant and Services, LLC.

Location: Bronx, NY United States

With more than 15 years of experience in construction, Christina Natiello is an expert in estimations, project management and business operations. She is the owner of CNC General Construction Consultant and Services, LLC., a construction company that provides freelance estimates for architects and subcontractors, as well as project management services.

Ms. Natiello is responsible for overseeing construction jobs to ensure that work is being coordinated properly, compensating, scheduling and hiring contractors, estimating jobs, negotiating contracts, reading blueprints and shop drawings using AutoCad. She prepared for her career by receiving an Associate of Arts and Sciences in graphic design from Westchester Community College. She is also certified in AutoCad levels one and two.

Ms. Natiello became involved in the construction industry after taking a part-time position in demolition. She has held a variety of positions, including assistant project manager, junior estimator and senior estimator and project manager. She attributes her success to her ambition, thirst for knowledge and passion, and she is most proud of how her career has grown and progressed. In addition to working in construction and owning her own company, she is also an interior designer, and buys and sells homes as well.

Outside of her business endeavors, she is an elite member of the National Association of Professional Women. She also supports her local karate school. Looking to what comes next in her career, she hopes to build up her business and go into real estate investment and flip homes. She also hopes to soon become a WBE Subcontractor.

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