Monica Holmes

Holmes, MonicTitle: MRT Housing Counselor
Company: Bridging Access to Care
Location: Brooklyn, NY United States

Monica Holmes has, as she puts it, “gone through the fire of life and came out on the other side with little scars.” After struggling with her own addictions, she has turned her life around and dedicated it to working with underserved individuals in an effort to help them reach their highest quality of life. Ms. Holmes has the unique ability to truly understand how the people she helps feel, as she is familiar with the struggles of addiction, the consequences, and has been clean and sober for 12 years.

As the MRT Housing Counselor of Bridging Access to Care, Ms. Holmes is responsible for screening and enrolling underserved and homeless individuals into permanent supportive housing in an effort to reduce Medicaid spending. Most of the individuals she services also have a past or current substance abuse history. Therefore, Ms. Holmes is also responsible for monitoring their daily living activities and their ability to maintain a semi-independent living arrangement, and provides them with assistance as needed.

Contact Monica Holmes:

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