Theresa Smith

Smith, TheresaTitle: Chief Financial Officer
Company: Cooper Signage & Graphics, Inc.
Location: Loganville, GA United States

Following the lead of her parents, Theresa Smith joined the family business and has been the chief financial officer of Cooper Signage & Graphics, Inc for 15 years now. CS&G is the leading provider of wayfinding solutions for health care facilities. They also provide sign design and implementation services for hospitals. An expert in finance and business operations, Ms. Smith is responsible for handling all the accounting for the business on a day-to-day basis, bill paying, setting up facility accounts payable and various paperwork. She also helps out with sales and new sales opportunities when needed.

Ms. Smith’s greatest accomplishment is helping obtain and maintain one of CS&G’s largest and longest clients. They are also one of the largest facilities in the area, and CS&G uses the facility as examples of their work. She is proud to say that they are a faith-based company, and that her business takes care of the facilities’clients and employees like they are its own.

Deciding to work for the family business seemed a natural progression for Ms. Smith. She is inspired by her parents on a daily basis. Over the years, Ms. Smith has watched them run the business, work full-time and manage to be wonderful parents and give their children every opportunity possible. Similarly, she hopes to do the same. Ms. Smith and her husband are foster parents, and they plan on adopting two toddlers to add to their family that already includes four biological children. She just wants to be remembered as being able to provide for her family and do it all.

Outside of work, Ms. Smith is very involved in her local church. She teaches Sunday bible study classes, as well as a class on Wednesday nights. In addition, she and her husband have a farm, so they have a lot of responsibility taking care of the animals.

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