Norma Fogg

Fogg, NormaTitle: Director of Ministry Services
Company: Government of Alberta
Location: Edmonton, AB Canada

Norma Fogg began her career in the private sector, providing IT services to the government. When they eventually decided to centralize these services, she was recruited to work for them. Now, as the Director of Ministry Services, she is responsible for business relationship management with Ministry CIO’s within the government of Alberta and service offering catalog development of services and maintenance of catalog offerings.

With 30 years in her career, Ms. Fogg has developed very good relationship management skills and is able to speak with people at all levels. She wants to be remembered as being a doer, a go-getter and problem solver. Her work so far has earned her Premier’s Award of Excellence. Looking to her future, Ms. Fogg plans to continue in her current role as Director of Ministry Services.  Within this role, she would like to grow the service development and business relationship areas, as well as improve communication within different government entities. Outside of work, she shares her son’s interest in hockey, and also enjoys golf.

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