Glenda R. Flener

Title: Life Coach, Trainer
Company: Coaching CPC
Location: Morgantown, KY United States

Before she began her career as an executive life coach, Glenda Flener was a special education teacher and worked with a pediatrician. She decided to change her path, however, and now works for a corporate company where she trains and coaches leadership classes. Ms. Flener has always been drawn to helping people fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals. To prepare for her endeavors, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies and a master’s degree in education.

Ms. Flener’s greatest strength is being a good motivator. She loves research, and she knows what works and how to deliver it on paper.  She is most proud of her ability to put her fear behind her, and not letting anything deter her focus. She has made it her own personal goal to encourage and empower women to do what they want because she is so grateful for the women in her life that empowered her.

Ms. Flener loves what she is doing at the corporate office. She wants to incorporate more coaching and training in small groups with church women, as well as find a way to incorporate more traveling into coaching. In her spare time, Ms. Flener teaches religious studies Sunday morning and has four restaurants nationwide.

Contact Glenda Flener:

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