Carly Perez

Carly PerezTitle: President
Company: Divine Design & Marketing, Inc.
Location: Rolling Meadows, IL United States

Following her interest in marketing communications, Carly Perez founded Divine Design and Marketing, Inc., a creative marketing firm that specializes in driving products, brands, services and the like to the public. She has almost 20 years of experience in creative marketing and communications, and is very well qualified to own and operate her own business

Ms. Perez feels that her hard work and networking skills have contributed to her success in a male-dominated field. Although it is a challenge being a female business owner, she works hard to ensure that her business can grow and her clients are satisfied. She studied business management and marketing communications in college, so she lists that as one of her greatest strengths. She is heavily involved with the clients and building a relationship with them, and plans on continuing her involvement in all aspects of the business.

Ms. Perez is extremely proud of the work her firm has done for its clients, as well as the return on investments she has seen. She hopes to continue to grow and make a name for her business, while still maintaining the feeling that the office is like a home for her employees. Eventually, she wants to expand and offer more employment opportunities to designers.

Ms. Perez wants to be known as a female business owner who always went above and beyond what was necessary. The advice she can share with younger women entering the workforce is to learn how to balance business and family, because a family will always be a good support system. In fact, she takes pride in the fact that she treats her clients as family. She is a member of the Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce, the Dynamic Professional Womens Network, the National Association of Womens Professional Network and the International Women’s Leadership Association. She was also named NAPW’s VIP Woman of the Year. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

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