Andrea Cansler

Title: Safety Director
Company: Quality Tanks and Construction
Location: Sandy, OR United States

After many years of the job training, Andrea Cansler is the safety director for Quality Tanks and Construction, which specializes in paper mills, wood treatment, roofing mills, chemical plants and waste to energy facilities, with a specialization in complex projects and shutdowns. As the safety director, she is responsible for designing and implementing safety programs and training, monitor compliance, reporting issues, identifying and solving problems and conducting accident investigations.

Ms. Cansler chose this career path because she wanted to make a difference in how things are done in the construction industry. She wants to be remembered as the type of person to always help others, and is always willing to go above and beyond and put 200% into everything she does. She finds it challenging to have a senior management position in an industry that is so male-dominated, but she doesn’t let this challenge overwhelm her. Correspondingly, one of her greatest accomplishments was when she created and implemented the safety guidelines that the company still uses today.

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