Mary Filippakis

Title: Area Manager
Company: Arbonne International
Location: Woodbury, NY United States

Mary Filippakis is committed to helping others succeed in the health and wellness industry. She is an area manager for Arbonne International, a networking company which is pure, botanical, beneficial and vegan. She began her journey with the company when a colleague in real estate introduced it to her. She was always interested in helping others, so she did her research and found that it was the right fit for her. She enjoyed being able to give advice that would benefit others and help them improve every area of their lives.

She prepared for her career by earning a master’s degree in education from Brooklyn College in 1973. Since she was a little girl, Ms. Filippakis has always loved supporting her family and friends. She notes that one of her greatest strengths has always been her desire and ability to help others. She also believes that constantly being a dependable friend and family member has been a major personal accomplishment for her. She would like to be remembered as a person who helped others along the way and during their time of need.

Ms. Filippakis is very appreciative that she hasn’t been faced with any challenges so far in her career. She received an achievement award for the Circle of Excellence for Health and Wellness from Arbonne International and is constantly inspired by the leadership with the company. She is currently focusing on becoming the next National Vice President for the company. She is working toward achieving this by speaking to people more, and letting them know that Arbonne is not a pyramid scheme. She enjoys reading inspirational books, and is also a supporter of United Cerebral Palsy.

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