Debra Bishop

Title: Nurse Practitioner
Company: Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Center
Location: Thunder Bay, ON Canada

Debra Bishop has always loved caring for others, so when she went to college, it made perfect sense that she had decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. After earning a neonatal nursing certificate, she dedicated her career to the health and wellness of all women.

Ms. Bishop is currently focused on prenatal and postnatal care for newborns up to eight weeks. She was a nurse in the NICU for 15 years, but decided that she wanted to center her work on helping women at the beginning stages of their pregnancies. When asked if she would change anything about her work, she stated she would like to change the restrictions on prescriptions that nurse practitioners are allowed to write. As she continues her work, she hopes to expand her role in Thunder Bay’s maternity center.

Ms. Bishop is most proud of becoming a nurse practitioner and raising her children. She wants to be best remembered for her ability to help people. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and running.

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