Emily Moore

Emily MooreTitle: 1) Founder, Executive Director 2) Teacher

Company: 1) Alliance Junior Development Program Inc.
2) Ulysses Byas Elementary School

Location: Roosevelt, NY  United States

Emily Moore began her career in physical education 52 years ago as a physical education teacher and varsity boys and girls’ tennis coach for the Roosevelt Union Free School District. In 1975, she founded the Alliance Junior Tennis Development Program to introduce tennis to children who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed, and uses the sport to encourage structure and discipline in their daily lives. The program also provides full tennis scholarships to many prestigious universities around the United States, as well as leadership training, empowerment workshops, field trips, tournament match play and other cognitive development activities, like chess. In addition, she is also currently teaching at the Ulysses Byas Elementary School.

In these two positions, Ms. Moore’s responsibilities include developing curriculum, promoting awareness of services, fundraising, introducing basics of the game , teaching fundamentals of popular team sports, sportsmanship and respective etiquette of these games and other tennis and sports-related activities, drills and lessons. Ms. Moore loves that her job has given her the ability to give back to her community and is grateful for all she has been able to do to help. She became involved in her profession because she discovered that she had a natural ability to be successful in team sports. She particularly enjoys how the “team spirit” can carry over to all aspects of life. She believes in discipline, self-control and hard work, and instills the characteristics into her students.

Ms. Moore’s successful career has afforded her many of awards, recognition’s, and memberships. Some of these include Nassau County’s 2015 Women of Distinction Award, the Arthur Ashe Multicultural Enhancement Award, NY Woman of the Year, Outstanding Citizen Contribution To Improve Education, golden life member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., lifetime member of the National Council of Negro Women and lifetime member of the American Tennis Association. She has also published a book of poetry entitled “Just Like It Is” and served as an Ambassador in the People to People Program in 2010. Looking to the future, Ms. Moore hopes that her business continues to grow and that she can continue helping her community.

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