Carolynne Whitefeather

Title: Director
Company: Barrett Art Gallery
Location: New York Mills, NY United States

Mentored by Katharine T. Carter and Gwen Rabitial, Carolynne Whitefeather has been the director of the higher education Barrett Art Gallery at Utica College for four years. Art has always made her happy, so a career in the industry was a natural progression for her when she finished school. She has a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking and design, and her areas of expertise include fine art and first people art culture.

As the gallery director with art experience totaling more than fifteen years, Ms. Whitefeather is responsible for maintaining and running the gallery, as well as organizing the International Student Employment for the Arts program. She also serves as the gallery’s artist-in-resident. She attributes her success to her patience and tenacity, and believes that everyone needs both in order to succeed.

While at the University of Oklahoma, Ms. Whitefeather was essential in the research used to determine how to make silk screening nontoxic. She has been awarded several faculty awards and has been supported by several grants for about 10 years. She has received an art award from the Royal Order of Kamehameha and is a member of the USSD Art in Embassies program, which brings art to other countries. In addition, her own art work has traveled to Africa and Eastern Europe.

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