Tamara Zimmer

zimmer-tamaraTitle: Dean of Students
Company: Capac Virtual Education Program
Location: Port Huron, MI United States

Deciding she wanted to make a difference and help struggling teenagers, Tamara Zimmer chose to work in the education field. She has been the dean of students for Capac Virtual Education Program for almost 10 years now. The program focuses on helping students graduate and succeed through a non-traditional method. Currently there are 54 students in the program, but she hopes to see 150 students in the near future. She also wants to grow the program so that the students can come on set, as well as establish a GED program.

As a woman in today’s world, Tamara feels her love for education and work ethic has contributed to her success. Her greatest career accomplishment so far was being asked to create courses and develop videos for the program. She wants Capac to grow and become a stable part of the community. When asked if she had any advice for the younger female generation, she said she would tell them that it is okay to not go the ‘traditional college’ route. She wants young people to understand that they have other options if they feel the expected four-year college experience is not for them.

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