Cindy Piva

Cindy PivaTitle: President, CEO, Owner
Company: Thrive Business Strategies
Location: Kamloops, BC Canada

After 20 years of building, owning and operating her own golf course, Cindy Piva decided to sell it and start over. She saw the need to coach and train business owners and leaders, so she opened Thrive Business Strategies, which has been running for seven years now. Not only does she love, live and breathe business practices, she also has personal experience of what they are going through.  Her ability to relate to the business owners she sits down with has definitely contributed to her success.

Ms. Piva prepared for her career by earning her bachelor’s degree in business and joining then the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. She then put work into building a network of 100 business coaches throughout North America. Her greatest strength lies in her ability to ask the right questions and allow people to see things in a positive manner. Ms. Piva’s hard work was recognized in 2013 by the western region Professional Business Coaches Alliances through the Coach of the Year award. Moving forward, she hopes to grow her business and move from one-on-one and group coaching to hosting webinars and seminars.

One of the most important lessons Ms. Piva learned through the course of her career was refusing to let being a women in a man’s world be a challenge. The advice Ms. Piva would share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce is to do what you’re passionate about, and get as much experience in your field as possible because any experience is great experience. In addition to being a professional coach, she is the president in the Rotary, a member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance,  a member and on the Leadership Team of Business Networking International, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. In Ms. Piva’s free time, she enjoys skiing, golfing, and hiking.

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