Catherine M. James

Title: President
Company: Dixie Cullen Interests Inc.
Location: Houston, TX United States

After moving from the machinery industry into the warehousing industry, Ms. Catherine James is now running the family business, Dixie Cullen Interests Inc. She has been the president and owner for 21 years now. Dixie Cullen Interests is an industrial storage company that focuses mainly on storing machinery, steel and other heavy industrial product.

Ms. James says that the hardest obstacle she’s had to overcome in her many years in the industry was being taken seriously when she was getting the business started. Because Dixie Cullen is a family business, she feels a sense of responsibility to personally make sure it does well so that it reflects well on the family. She is most proud of being able to maintain the growth of the company during challenging economic times

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. James attributes her success to her perseverance and ability to share her education with her clients. She also has excellent customer service skills as a result of her many years in the business. Her hard work has been recognized with several awards, including being named the 2003 National Top 10 Business Women of American Business Women’s Association,  HBJ’s Fastest Growing Women Owned Businesses (recognized three times) and  HBJ’s Fastest Growing Private Businesses (recognized four times).

Ms. James is a member of the American Business Women’s Association, The International Women’s Leadership Association, and the Federation of Houston Professional Women. Always looking to inspire young women entering the workforce, she encourages the younger female generations to not be afraid of themselves. She says that a man will grab opportunities as they come, but a woman will typically wait until she is informed—so women need to grab opportunities like men do in order to move forward and become successful. In her spare time, Ms. James enjoys cowboy action shooting.

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