Jodi L. King, Ed.D.

Location: Rising Sun, MD United States

Jodi King had been working within healthcare and education since 1979, until her recent retirement. She always knew she wanted to be either a teacher or a physical therapist, and following the advice of a teacher that had a special needs child herself, she eventually decided to pursue special education. In addition to her career as a teacher and administrator, Dr. King also worked for the Maryland State Department of Education for six years. She was inspired every day by the children she worked with, who are significantly disabled and yet have succeeded in their lives.

In order to prepare for her career, Dr. King received an undergraduate degree in special education, a master’s degree in psychology and a doctorate in education. She has found that raising a family while working full time has been a challenge, but to this day, one of her greatest accomplishments was simultaneously raising two small children and getting her doctoral degree. Dr. King wants to be remembered for being a good mother and having a positive impact on the kids she worked with at the school. In addition to her work within her industry, she is also a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association.

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