Marilou V. Erb

Title: Professor
Company: York College of Pennsylvania
Location: Hanover, PA United States

Reasonable and logical, Marilou Erb has thrived in the legal profession. She served as a prosecutor for many years before receiving a call asking if she would teach a law class at York College of Pennsylvania. Ms. Erb agreed and ended up loving it. She has been with the school for 16 years now, where she teaches general and forensic psychology, as well as criminal justice as needed. Ms. Erb thinks being in this facet of her field is her greatest accomplishment yet; her post has allowed her to come full circle, expand her knowledge, and help students become successful on their own legal journeys. Students tell her that she is very accessible and that they feel comfortable coming to her with pretty much anything, which helps validate her choice.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Erb earned a law degree, two master’s degrees, and two bachelor’s degrees. She is also currently pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology. The biggest challenge Ms. Erb faced was balancing her professional life with her family life, but she is proud to say she has raised three successful children. She feels that, no matter what she accomplishes throughout her career, nothing compares to the love and value she has for her family. Ms. Erb was inspired by her parents, who were her guiding force. She hopes to be remembered as fair, honest, trustworthy, and interested in what she is doing, as well as for beating breast cancer. When she isn’t working, Ms. Erb enjoys music, running, yoga, meditation, reading, and volunteering at her local church.

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