Marilyn Graham

Title: Associate Director of Facilities
Company: Time Warner, Inc.
Location: New York, NY United States

Everything Marilyn Graham has accomplished thus far can be traced back to her mom; she set the example, gave her courage, and pushed her to get out there and go for opportunities. When her mother was 75 years old, she built a two-car garage with a two-bedroom apartment on top from the ground up. CNN took notice of this accomplishment, which took five years, and ran a piece on it. Shortly thereafter, more than three decades ago now, Ms. Graham took a position at CNN working as an assistant with the supervisor. While she was there, a piece of carpet came apart and she showed her supervisor how to repair it. Ms. Graham didn’t know this at the time, but the chief was watching her work and, impressed by her skills, he promoted her to the facilities team a few weeks later.

Naturally growing from there, Ms. Graham currently uses the experience she’s garnered in her position as the associate director of facilities for Time Warner, Inc. In her role, she is responsible for directing service operations, including customer service, ergonomic improvements, janitorial contracts, and guidance to the customer call center. Ms. Graham considers her greatest accomplishment to be the way she conducts herself, because people come to her when they have a problem. She hopes to use her skills to improve communication between others.

When Ms. Graham isn’t working, she enjoys sports, family reunions, and researching her family history. She is also deeply rooted in her spiritual beliefs and her church community. Furthermore, Ms. Graham is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association and the National Association of Professional Women, and she supports the Lupus Foundation and the American Cancer Society. She would like to be remembered for her sincerity and for being someone who built others up and encouraged them to grow.

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