Jennifer K. Kuechler, MBA

Jennifer KuechlerTitle: Vice President of Customer Experience Management
Company: Altisource Portfolio Solutions
Location: Irving, TX United States

Tenacious and willing to accept any challenge, Jennifer Kuechler is more than up to the task of taking Altisource Portfolio Solutions, a marketplace and transaction solutions provider, from the ground level with new initiatives that will benefit all of the stakeholders. Her experience on all sides of the business, along with a diverse educational background, allows her to provide insight to areas where the company can make its customers happier and sustain maximum profitability. Ms. Kuechler loves being involved in a global company with a variety of facets, and enjoys having the opportunity to be on the relationship end of things while using analytics. She is very passionate about her work.

When Ms. Kuechler started with Altisource Portfolio Solutions, there was no consistency with how complaints were handled. In order to provide accountability, she instituted and implemented an outsourced system with policies and procedures. The goal, which no one expected she could achieve, was to get it done in 10 months. Ms. Kuechler is very proud to say that the quality system was completed within nine months. Now onto her next goal, she recently spearheaded a training initiative globally, which she hopes will take the company’s customer experience to a whole new level.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Kuechler earned an MBA and a master’s degree in speech, English, curriculum, and structural design. She also garnered professional experience through her position with JP Morgan Chase, where she started out on the organizational development side before heading their marketing division and then venturing into customer experience. Furthermore, Ms. Kuechler has had wonderful mentors, and has had the privilege of listening to some very strong, charismatic leaders at various seminars. These people knew how to think things through and take appropriate risks while still making sure to keep their customers at the forefront and doing the right thing for everyone in the long run.

When Ms. Kuechler isn’t working, she enjoys traveling with her family, exercising, and enjoying new foods and wines. She is also an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and is affiliated with the Customer Experience Professionals Association. Additionally, Ms. Kuechler supports the charitable missions of Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Contact Jennifer Kuechler:

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