Doris Robinson

Doris RobinsonTitle: Programme Test Manager
Company: Test Conductors Ltd.
Location: Luton, United Kingdom

A senior consultant with more than 14 years of tenured experience as an information technology project and test manager, Doris Robinson finds the ever-changing nature of the field fascinating. She has predominately worked in domains such as healthcare, banking, financial services, media, and fast-moving consumer goods, and is an expert with test management tools and Agile, Waterfall, and SDLC methodologies. Furthermore, Ms. Robinson has experience implementing systems and taking them from application to production. She finds seeing how her work helps the organizations and their clients to be very rewarding.

Ms. Robinson currently works as a programme test manager with Test Conductors Ltd, where she manages both hands-on and hands-off testing work streams for both local and global companies, like Hewlett Packard and BBC. She is also responsible for testing resource and duration estimation, testing requirements and coverage mapping, risk management, creating test strategies, and managing defects and bugs. Ms. Robinson enjoys project management, verifying, and validating. Her greatest strengths are bringing people together to get a job done and interfacing with developers and management. Ms. Robinson considers her greatest accomplishment to-date to be taking an application to production for a global rollout. The project ended up being very successful.

Looking forward, Ms. Robinson’s vision is to be the head of testing someday. She is inspired by seeing a productive system, and hopes to be remembered for her contributions to the organization and their systems. If Ms. Robinson could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to be flexible, demand different roles, and don’t be limited. She is currently a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association. When Ms. Robinson isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her daughter.

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