Christine Springer, Ph.D.

5214048bfeb2468280523a3b6a972d6aTitle: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Red Tape Limited
Location: Las Vegas, NV United States

With 36 years of professional experience behind her, Dr. Christine Springer has spent most of her adult life specializing in turning around organizations, capacity building, and intergovernmental collaboration. She is currently utilizing her talents as the CEO of Red Tape Limited, a consultancy that provides organizational restructuring and assistance regarding paperwork, writing, marketing, and business development. In her role, Dr. Springer is responsible for consulting, overseeing educational and governmental procedures, marketing, and managing programs. She considers successfully running the company for more than two decades to be one of her greatest accomplishments.

Prior to her role with Red Tape Limited, Dr. Springer served as the manager of government and community affairs at the Salt River Project, the third largest public utility in the country, and held this position for 15 years. She also worked as the manager of economic development planning in an Arizona governor’s office, and as a treasurer of the Investors United Life Insurance Company. Furthermore, Dr. Springer was appointed to be the director of the executive master’s degree program in emergency and crisis management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and served as the head of community relations for a large community, where she facilitated and built productive relationships.

In preparation for her professional endeavors, Dr. Springer earned a Ph.D. in public administration from Indiana University. She also completed postgraduate training in residential care for the elderly, balanced scorecard assessment, and alternative dispute resolution. Another way Dr. Springer remains abreast of changes in her field is by maintaining affiliation with organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management, the Society for Marketing Professional Services, the National Academy of Public Administration, the Institute of Management Consultants, ATD, the American Society for Training & Development, and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Dr. Springer feels the most gratifying aspects of her career have been having the ability to learn continuously, and using that education to successfully solve real-life problems in private, nonprofit, and government sectors. As a woman in today’s world, she attributes her success to her flexibility. Looking forward, Dr. Springer aspires to recruit people who can take up leadership roles.


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