Linda Jurick

Title: President, Director
Company: TaLin medical center
Location: Montreal, QC Canada

Fueled by her passion for the health care industry, Linda Jurick has spent the past three decades garnering knowledge and experience to meet her goals. She knew she wanted to be able to provide a collaborative practice with a warm environment, standardization, and common language among clinicians and patients, so she developed expertise in skills like change management, business, strategy, recruitment, and performance assessment. Three years ago, Ms. Jurick combined what she learned to form TaLin medical center, and her dream became a reality. TaLin brings together highly qualified professionals in a variety of fields, including general medicine and surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, gastroenterology, hepatology, cardiology, and nephrology, to provide the community of Quebec with the best possible medical care.

On a daily basis, Ms. Jurick is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the center, ensuring that patients receive the good diagnoses and treatment in a caring and empathetic environment, and overseeing case managers and practitioners. She also develops all of the protocols and services, and handles business development, marketing, and public relations. Ms. Jurick attributes her success to her passion, as well as the fact that she surrounded herself with competent and amazing professionals. Looking forward, she hopes to expand her health care model in Quebec, and make the system more sustainable.

Prior to founding TaLin, Ms. Jurick gained experience as an RN, and worked in a variety of other positions, including project management and family medicine, at McGill University Health Center. In preparation for her professional journey, she earned a nursing diploma.

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