Jackie McKinnon-McLean

Title: Dropout Prevention Specialist
Company: Hoke County Schools
Location: Raeford, NC United States

A 28-year veteran of the education industry, Jackie McKinnon-McLean has always enjoyed working with young people. In her role as a dropout prevention specialist for Hoke County Schools, she teaches children to be responsible for their actions and to understand the importance of taking control of their own lives. Ms. McKinnon-McLean wishes more people knew that there are no bad kids; only misguided ones. In her eyes, no child should ever be forgotten. To prepare for this career, Ms. McKinnon-McLean completed a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration on organizational leadership and management from Walden University. She also holds an undergraduate degree in criminal justice.

The greatest challenges Ms. McKinnon-McLean encountered were gender discrimination and the opportunity for growth at the beginning of her career. She credits her communication and leadership skills with guiding her to success, as well as her strong people skills, which has allowed her to effectively motivate youth. Looking forward, Ms. McKinnon-McLean has her eye on the political arena. She is currently aligning herself with individuals to help her achieve her goals and reviewing her personal inventory. Ms. McKinnon-McLean is inspired in her endeavors by her mother and her daughter; when she lost her mother, who suffered from dementia, she realized how valuable time was in life. She is more determined now to move forward with her goals and not take time for granted.

As a testament to her achievements, Ms. McKinnon-McLean is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association. She supports the charitable mission of the Girl Up Program, and is very active in her Teapot Ministry, which includes speaking to and inspiring groups of women using her collection of teapots. The pots are all different, and yet they are all the same. She uses the lid to express opening up, filling it with hope, and using the handle to hold on to each other. Ms. McKinnon-McLean then speaks about pouring out to others, and eventually having to cleanse and let the Lord in. The women share each part, and are given a teapot of their choice to take home. She hopes to be remembered as a person who cared about the community and children, and for reaching out and giving the gift of her talent to help others become agents of change.

Contact Jackie McKinnon-McLean

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