Elena Dingu-Kyrklund, MA, Lic.Fil., LL.M

dingu-kyrklund-elenaTitle: Chief Executive Officer, Expert, Researcher
Company: Kyrklunds’ Consulting International
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

A multidisciplinary expert and researcher in social sciences and humanities, Elena Dingu-Kyrklund has spent the past 25 years learning and developing her skill set. She has an extensive background in a variety of roles, and specializes in international migration and ethnic relations, social anthropology, international and comparative education, EU- and comparative international law, philology, and pedagogy. Elena Dingu-Kyrklund currently utilizes her knowledge through her consultancy, Kyrklunds’ Consulting International, which she founded about a decade ago. She also works in higher education as a lecturer and a presenter at international conferences, and is involved in nonprofit work as an adviser, and at times as a translator and interpreter.

The greatest challenge Elena Dingu-Kyrklund encountered in her early career was giving up her diplomatic career in Romania and moving to Sweden to be together with her husband, Linus Kyrklund. She found that at the beginning, people had some difficulty in accepting her academic competence in Sweden. Ms. Dingu-Kyrklund was able to turn this obstacle into an asset, however; developing her academic career as a multidisciplinary researcher in Sweden, working with a multitude of international projects, enabled her to better understand cultural aspects and differences. She also utilized her strengths in patience, organization, and communication skills to finally thrive in her environment. Dingu-Kyrklund was inspired to succeed by her mother, who encouraged her tenacity and to value the small and big things in life, while finding a balance and creating opportunities. She prepared for her career by almost continuously developing her education, earning a Master in Social Anthropology from Stockholm University, a Master of Arts in international relations at the National Graduate School for Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest, an LL.M. and Master in European and Comparative Law from the University of Limburg, and a Master of Arts/Licentiate degree in philology at the University in Bucharest. Looking forward, Ms. Dingu-Kyrklund’s goals are to make sure what she does matters, and to balance her work with the nonprofit organizations she supports.

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