Nicole Milos

Milos, Nicole 2Title: Partner, Attorney

Company: Cremer, Spina, Shaughnessy,
Jansen + Siegert LLC Attorneys at Law

Location: Chicago, IL United States

In college, Nicole Milos felt a calling to the medical profession and studied biology. She went so far as to take the MCAT before realizing her personality was more of an advocate and a listener. This realization led Ms. Milos to focus her efforts on finding a career where she could help people and solve problems. During law school, she found her path through her experience working with litigation firms and a trial advocacy course. Ms. Milos enjoys the challenge of litigation and the satisfaction of protecting and counseling her clients. Having the ability to guide clients to success has given her a purpose; she is willing to help anyone, from the biggest to the smallest clients, and hopes to be remembered as someone who could be counted on.

Through years of hard work and dedication, Ms. Milos has established her practice with Cremer, Spina, Shaughnessy, Jansen + Siegert LLC Attorneys at Law, a litigation-based firm that services clients on the local, national and international level. Her responsibilities include providing strategic counseling and risk management services to corporations, private individuals and insurance companies, and developing protocols that minimize her clients’ liability. When litigation is necessary or unavoidable, Ms. Milos employs specific defense strategies for the legal representation and defense of parties involved in tort, contract or fraud claims in both state and federal courts. Furthermore, she represents privately held corporations and retailers in transactions and commercial litigation matters, and counsels manufacturers and distributors in product and label disputes.  One of the biggest challenges that Ms. Milos faces in her career is the ever-changing nature of the legal landscape, particularly in technology and finance. In order to offer her clients the best representation, she must anticipate future challenges, plan for them, and either avoid them or minimize their impact. Simultaneously, she must ensure that all expenses are reasonable and anticipated. Ms. Milos attributes her success to listening; every client is different, so it is imperative that she takes the time to learn their needs, fears, goals and future plans. She considers being able to alleviate a client’s fear and stress to be the best part of the job.

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