Nicole Eslinger-Patel

Title: President
Company: M.L. Eslinger & Associates
Location: Shingle Springs, CA United States

With 14 years of professional experience under her belt, Nicole Eslinger-Patel is a masterful business development coach with exemplary organizational skills. She currently utilizes those strengths as the president of M.L. Eslinger & Associates, a professional training company for Fortune 500 companies and governments. The family business was founded on the belief that knowledge is the foundation upon which strong individuals, teams and corporations are built, and thus strives to deliver relevant information and solutions using an ethical and innovative approach. They offer a variety of courses that fall under the umbrella of anger management, cultural diversity, identity theft, professional boundaries, handling stress and violence in the workplace, and dealing with difficult people.

Ms. Eslinger-Patel prepared for her career through a natural progression of skills and knowledge in all areas of business services based on years of exposure. She works hard to build a bond with her clients and listening to their individual needs and wants, which is extremely important, especially in her line of work.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Eslinger-Patel feels that her excellent customer service has contributed to her success. She is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, recognized for her contribution to family, career and community. Ms. Eslinger-Patel would advise the younger generations to work while going to school. She believes that hands-on experience is important, and that hard work can be fun.

Contact Nicole Eslinger-Patel:

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