Sheila Harvey

Title: Sales Executive
Company: Korson & Edgewood Furniture
Location: Kitchener, ON Canada

Sheila Harvey was young when she first started as a creative artist, and now, more than three decades later, she has grown and transitioned to the role of sales executive at Korson & Edgewood Furniture.  Her position includes servicing independent furniture stores and working with stagers and model home professionals. Ms. Harvey’s favorite part of her job is working with her clients; there are so many interesting and creative people in the industry. Over time, she has become very intuitive with regards to her customers’ visions, and knows exactly how to serve their individual needs.

The highlight of Ms. Harvey’s career was being named the Top Manufacturing Woman in her region. Although she did take some night school classes, she is mostly self taught. Her background experiences, like owning a successful paint and wallpaper business and working in interior design, have proven very beneficial to her current success. Ms. Harvey enjoys seeing products from start to finish; from creation to decoration to sale. When she isn’t working, she likes to walk her husky, read, travel, have supper with her friends, and attend farm trade show events.

Contact Sheila Harvey

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