Margaret Hearn

Hern, MargaretTitle: Teacher
Company: Lakeview Child Care Center
Location: East Windsor, NJ United States

Following a long career in public school system, Margaret Hearn joined Lakeview Child Care Center. The goal of the facility is to provide a hands-on environment to stimulate creativity and discovery. Children are encouraged to be active and responsible, and are guided on their quest to gain independence, decision-making skills and a love for learning. As a teacher at the center, Ms. Hearn is responsible for teaching children ranging from 6 months to 5 years old social skills, letters, numbers, shapes, and their addresses and phone numbers. She is very open-minded, and is always looking for new ways to reach her students.

In addition to her position with Lakeview Child Care Center, Ms. Hearn became a deaconess in 2009 and volunteers as a bible teacher in her local church. She enjoys studying religion in her spare time, and attributes her success to her faith in God.

Ms. Hearn prepared for her career by earning an associate degree in education from Mercer County Community College in 1973, and a Bachelor’s Degree in bible studies. Looking forward, she hopes to continue to be a role model for children.

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