Faith Robinson

Title: Senior Vice President
Company: Midas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Location: Chester, NJ United States

Faith Robinson has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more nearly four decades in various leadership roles, and has a strong background in animal drugs. She has always had an interest in science and problem solving, and wanted to combine those specialties with the creativity of business development. Ms. Robinson joined Midas Pharmaceuticals 15 years ago, and, as the senior vice president, she oversees project management, compliance, supply chain management, regulatory affairs, and product development. Midas Pharmaceuticals is active in sourcing, supplying, and developing finished products, active ingredients, and intermediates.

The biggest challenge Ms. Robinson faced was receiving no direct credit or equal treatment early in her career. There weren’t many women in leadership management roles, and she had difficulty making sure her voice was heard. Ms. Robinson believes that companies should have a debate forum so that people with diverse opinions can be heard. She has succeeded in the industry because of her strengths in problem solving, communication, strategy, and persuasion. To prepare for her career, Ms. Robinson earned a Bachelor of Science in animal science from the University of Vermont. In the future, she hopes to teach on a college level, write a book, and possible relocate. Ms. Robinson would like to be remembered for maintaining strong standards, reliability, and integrity. She is currently an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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