Deborah Trayhurn

Title: Director
Company: Higher Education Skill Work
Location: Yeadon, Leeds United Kingdom

As an expert in innovative practice in high skills education with more than three decades of experience, Deborah Trayhurn is well-suited to her position with Higher Education Skill Work. In the five years she’s been with the education management company, her role has included influencing national bodies, creating effective and innovative relationships for learning development, and working directly with employers and higher education providers, particularly universities.

Additionally, Ms. Trayhurn is very research-active, and focuses on organization changes, QA systems, staff development, international partnership management, technology-based learning, skills accreditation and work-based learning. Besides her work with Higher Education Skill work, she also serves as a consultant for London Churchill College and as an REO and HER reviewer for The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Ms. Trayhurn has thrived and earned respect in her industry because of her open mind and open ears; she is always willing to listen to others. In five years, she hopes to experience continued growth and work with more employers and universities.

Contact Deborah Trayhurn

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