Kimberly J. Noel

Title: Owner, Office Manager
Company: Discount Home Furnishing Inc.
Location: Springfield, KY United States

Opening and growing Discount Home Furnishing Inc. was a huge accomplishment for Kimberly Noel. The family-owned business started out small, catering just to the cabinetry business, and has grown exponentially. Now, with a warehouse and 20 employees, they provide a variety of door locks, home and bathroom hardware, cabinet knobs and pulls, hinges and drawer slides, ceiling fans, lighting, faucets, and wood corbels. Their policy is to stand behind every product they sell.

The biggest challenge Ms. Noel faces in her career is balancing working a full-time job with raising three children. Inspired by her husband, she intends to continue to expand her business while staying fully involved in her kids’ lives. Ms. Noel attributes her success to her ambition, drive, spiritual faith, and family. She enjoys and appreciates the fact that she is in business with her two brothers.

While Ms. Noel does have a bachelor’s degree in architectural drafting, her knowledge of business comes from hands-on experience. She hopes to be remembered as strong, dedicated, and a good mother and wife. Ms. Noel enjoys going to the gym and exercising in her spare time, and is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association. If she could offer some advice to the younger generation of women entering the workforce, it would be to have an open mind, and be eager to learn and ready for opportunities.

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