Amaka Okocha

Okocha, AmakaTitle: Director of Management Consulting
Company: Platinum Plus Consultants Limited
Location: Fort McMurray, AB  Canada

A love for Christ, self-motivation, courage, passion, enthusiasm, and words of wisdom from the great men and women she encountered on her path to success have all played a significant role in the professional, spiritual, and personal accomplishments of Amaka Okocha. Her leadership potential was remarkably noted during her days in elementary school by teachers and peers; she was fondly called “student-organizer” by one of her grade teachers, who knew the importance of sharing knowledge and ideas for the purpose of positively impacting the lives of people.

While working her way brilliantly through high school and being enthusiastic about her career pursuit, she still remained strongly devoted to the service of God and humanity. Never lacking in words of encouragement and motivation for the downtrodden or insecure, Amaka single-handedly has impacted life-saving changes that remained indelible in the hearts of everyone she came across. Known for her motivational and life-changing speeches, her passion for humanitarian services and philanthropic nature, she relates easily with the poor and marginalized.

Her remarkable personality and rare attributes have earned her a dignified status as a powerful role model for the young generation, especially married women who look up to her for useful advice and tips when faced with difficulties or challenges in their marriages. With her passion and zeal for reviving relationships, Amaka’s philosophy is that “every marriage is workable and must succeed.” The younger folks are not left out in her inspirational quest, as she constantly reminds ‘her students’ (like she calls them) that “every positive dream can be realized.”  Another philosophy she shares is “who we think we are, who we want to be, and who we choose not to be is solely our responsibility.”  Amaka illustrates her devotion to mentoring and empowering minds with practical results, which is a major skill that makes her stand out. She describes life as a project that begins with the conception or initiation of ‘who we are,’ the definition of ‘who we want to become,’ and finally, the action plan and the detailed execution of those plans for the change we desire. She therefore expressed her conviction that this kind of project should not be overlooked and would uphold continuous positive improvement in all forms.

Amaka is a graduate of philosophy from the prestigious University of Lagos. She relocated to Canada in April of 2008, continued with her passion to help change lives, and spent time nurturing and following up with persons in need of her services from within and outside Canada, regardless of the time differences. She has also delivered leadership talks and seminars via Skype for people not within reach.

Still diligent with her career, Amaka worked with Athabasca University from 2008-2010, and later moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta, where she worked with Suncor Energy as the document management system coordinator from 2011 to 2014. There was a remarkable period when she single-handedly wrote the DMS work instruction in 2011 and executed the work-flow process at one of the MacKay River Suncor sites; she displayed her competency by executing this particular project within three weeks as opposed to the estimated six months. Her strong determination for career excellence is seamless, as she also received an MBA degree from Athabasca University, and is currently working on getting certified as a management consultant. In simple words, she is very talented, possesses a unique charismatic voice, and is additionally gifted in various areas and vocations including all levels of fashion designing. A homemaker and a loving wife and companion, she is blessed with many adorable kids, most of whom are not biological but are fulfilled knowing they have a mother and everything in her. With an unflinching and immense desire to make a significant change in today’s world, Amaka continues to touch lives.

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