Maureen Devine

Devine, MaureenTitle: President
Company: Strategic Information Resources, Inc.
Location: Springfield, MA United States

Passionate about the credit industry, Maureen Devine has served Strategic Information Resources, Inc., for more than four decades. The company provides consumer and commercial credit services, background checks for employers on potential employees, settlement services for real estate lending, appraisal management, verification services, and tenant reporting for potential renters. Throughout her years there, Ms. Devine has held a variety of positions and gained a vast amount of industry knowledge, particularly in credit services. In her current role as company president, she oversees business operations, including compliance, sales, and production. She feels that her greatest achievement was starting at the bottom with no formal college education, and climbing to executive-level positions.

Ms. Devine is separated from her peers by her engaging personality, approachable nature, longevity, tenacity, and professionalism. Additionally, she solves problems rather than creates them, and is passionate about protecting consumers in the industry. As a testament to her success, Ms. Devine earned the Outstanding Service Award and Board Member Award from the National Consumer Reporting Association in 2012, and the President’s Award from the Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association in 2010. She credits her achievements to her great team and premier client relationships. If Ms. Devine could offer advice to the younger generation of women entering the workforce, it would be, to quote Sheryl Sandberg,”Don’t be afraid to lean in.”

To prepare for her career, Ms. Devine received a certification from the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the NCRA, and the CDIA. She is a member of the Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association, the Massachusetts Mortgage Association, and the Association of Mortgage Professionals. Ms. Devine is also the director of the National Consumer Reporting Association, and a former board member of the Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association and the Combined Health Appeal. These mortgage banking associations help her to increase business and make connections with other people in the industry. Ms. Devine sat on the boards of the organizations so that she could learn customer challenges, which has allowed her to service her clients more effectively, with the proper solutions for their specific needs. She also supports the charitable mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

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