Suzanne Furrow

Furrow, SuzanneTitle: Independent Consultant
Company: ADP, LLC
Location: Tempe, AZ United States

Suzanne Furrow has been with ADP, LLC, for more than three decades now in a variety of roles. ADP, LLC, is an American provider of business outsourcing solutions and cloud-based human capital management systems. During the course of her career there, she tended to gravitate toward human capital management, from recruitment to retirement products. Ms. Furrow loves her job, and has earned a reputation for being someone who can get the job done. She is currently serving ADP, LLC, as an independent consultant, which allows her to use her skills in communication, listening, and collaboration.

The greatest challenge Ms. Furrow had to overcome was balancing her family with her career. She enjoys working with clients, however, and has been inspired by them and the support of her family. Ms. Furrow hopes to be remembered as a trusted friend, a valuable team member, and a great leader with high integrity. She is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and enjoys playing golf in her spare time.

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