Rosaisela Escobar

Title: Insurance Agent, Owner
Company: Escobar Insurance Agency
Location: Del Rio, TX United States

Toting an interest in marketing and sales, Rosaisela Escobar joined the insurance industry almost two decades ago. She currently owns Escobar Insurance Agency, which works with reputable and competitive companies like Progressive and Safeco to provide auto, home, commercial, and life and health insurance to individuals and businesses. They work hard to offer the best possible rates and coverage the market can offer.

The biggest challenge Ms. Escobar faced in her career was keeping up with all of the different aspects of her business. As a woman in today’s world, she feels that the support of her family and her passion for what she does contributed to her success. Ms. Escobar loves helping people; her greatest strength is servicing her customers to the best of her ability. She is especially proud of the fact that she started her business seven years ago, and they are still thriving.

In preparation for her career, Ms. Escobar acquired a state license and various certifications, and became a mobile notary. Looking forward, she hopes to earn a property and casualty license she can expand on the services she offers her clients. Ms. Escobar is inspired by her four children, as she wants to be a good role model for them. When she isn’t working, she enjoys relaxing at the property she has situated on a river, where she spends time outdoors and in her vegetable garden. Ms. Escobar also supports the missions of Feed the Poor.

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