Iris Meck

Meck IrisTitle: President
Company: Iris Meck Communications Inc.
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Following a long career as the entrepreneur of two very successful companies, Iris Meck decided she wanted to give back to women in the agricultural industry. Ms. Meck grew up in rural Manitoba on a mixed farm, studied agriculture and management at the University of Manitoba, and, prior to starting her own business, worked in the agriculture industry.

She thinks that women make a great contribution to every sector of the agriculture industry.  Ms. Meck’s purpose is to help them realize their leadership potential and communicate this point strategically through conferences and public relations. She used her communications company, Iris Meck Communications Inc., to create and host the Advancing Women Conference, where women can join a community of their peers to listen, learn, network, and grow their skills.

Ms. Meck doesn’t consider things to be challenges; she considers them opportunities for growth. Her greatest accomplishment has been surviving in a private industry for more than 17 years and being profitable. As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Meck feels that taking risks and building a strong network contributed to her success. She would advise the younger generation of women entering the workforce to do the same.

Ms Meck’s  vision is to build a community where women in agriculture can have the tools to grow to their full potential, take on greater leadership and advocacy, and be recognized for the contribution they make to their family, community and industry.

She is currently a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association and the Alberta Institute of Agrologists, and  is on the advisory board to the Supporting the Advancement of Women in Agriculture.

Contact Iris Meck:

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