Kebreten F. Manaye, MD

Manaye, KebretenTitle: Professor, Chair of the College of Medicine
Company: Howard University
Location: Washington, D.C. United States

Kebreten F. Manaye’s career allows her the pleasure of being both a physician and a professor. She finds healing and teaching to be both satisfying and inspirational, which is why her position as a professor and the chair of the College of Medicine at Howard University is ideal. Dr. Manaye is especially proud of the fact that she is the first female full, tenured professor at Howard University since 1865. Additionally, the role gives her the opportunity to mentor, which is really appealing because it allows her to fight for human relationships, maintain fairness, and assure success. Dr. Manaye’s students compare her to Midas, because everything she touches turns to gold. She believes that this shows appreciation for the success she helps them find within themselves.

Originally from Ethiopia, Dr. Manaye has traveled the world, completing her education and gathering beautiful experiences. She attended the School of Medicine at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, and has also studied business. Although Dr. Manaye never considered herself a businessperson, she feels that having managerial skills was really an asset when working to maintain peace and consistency within her department. She would advise the younger generation of women entering the workforce to find their weakness and overcome it. Looking to the future, Dr. Manaye plans to retire in about five years. Once she does that, she intends to continue doing research, publish an important paper, and travel to Africa, China, or wherever she sees that she can make a difference. Dr. Manaye believes that there is so much to do and accomplish in the world to help improve the lives of others, so she seeks opportunities and just keeps going. She is a member of the Alpha Omega Honor Society, and the International Women’s Leadership Association.

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