Charlene L. Moe

Moe, Charlene 2059294Title: National Coordinator
Company: Center for Public Safety and Justice
Location: Chatham, IL United States

As an educator and practitioner, Charlene Moe brings almost two decades of professional experience to her role as the national coordinator of the Center for Public Safety and Justice.  Her responsibilities with the nonprofit organization include overseeing federal and state grant funded initiatives, like project design, proposal writing, and project implementation with adherence to national goals and programmatic reporting deadlines. Ms. Moe also handles in-class instruction and web-based curriculum design and development, and facilitates key national partnerships with law enforcement executives, community leaders, governmental authorities, and funders.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Moe served as the executive director of the Springfield Community Federation, where her work improved the lives of disadvantaged and underserved youth. She also has experience as a state program developer for the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority, and as a resident service coordinator for a public housing authority. Additionally, Ms. Moe spent years as a program specialist for the University of Illinois at Springfield, where she was responsible for federal grant proposal development, curriculum development, and conference presentations. Over the course of her career, she has authored and co-authored 16 nationally relevant curricula, including a three-part COPS Office series on procedural justice. Ms. Moe attributes her success to her hard work and dedication.

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