Sharla Jones, Ph.D.

Jones, SharlaTitle: Professor
Company: San Antonio College
Location: San Antonio, TX United States

From an early age, Sharla Jones knew what she wanted to do. Her mother was a college professor, so Dr. Jones met many international students and kindled a love for foreign languages. She liked learning about other cultures and communicating with people from those cultures. Dr. Jones is currently serving as a professor in the department of language, philosophy and culture at San Antonio College. She is inspired in her career by her internal drive, which is fueled by the lives of her students.

Prior to joining San Antonio College, Dr. Jones worked at Northwest Vista College, Miami Dade College, and Sacramento City College. Her greatest strength is her willingness to stand up for the underdog. Dr. Jones is very vocal about injustice, and believes that there isn’t anything that can’t be done. She would like to change how the public perceives non-English speaking students.

Dr. Jones’ greatest accomplishments are the differences she has made in the lives of her students. She believes that it isn’t about how a teacher teaches, but about the inspiration that is able to be passed on. Dr. Jones prepared for her career by earning a doctorate, two master’s degrees, and several certifications. Looking forward, Dr. Jones is interested in the Fulbright Specialist Program, which would enable her to work with mentors.

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