Angela Johnson

Title: Vice President of Planning, Chief of Staff
Company: ICP Systems LLC
Location: Atlanta, GA United States

With 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Angela Johnson has a lot to offer ICP Systems LLC. The company provides assistance and advice to businesses regarding audit and compliance services, information and quality management, and infrastructure. She has been with the information technology consultancy since its inception and formation, and as the vice president of planning and chief of staff, she handles areas such as personnel management, social welfare, and the maintenance of HR records. Ms. Johnson’s analytical nature has proven helpful throughout her career. She often concentrates on areas such as security, safety, HR, finance, and legal issues.

Ms. Johnson has honed her expertise by completing several certifications and degrees. She currently holds a Master of Arts in Christian psychology counseling from the Carolina University of Theology, a Bachelor of Science in information systems technology from Columbia Southern University, and a Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies with a concentration in psychology from the Carolina University of Theology. Ms. Johnson has also earned an Associate of Arts in business administration from Troy State University, and an Associate of Science in computer programming from Computer Learning Center. In recognition for her success, she has earned several Commitments to Excellence awards for successfully implementing technology solutions. Ms. Johnson would advise the younger generation of women entering the workforce to work well with others and strive for what’s best for the company.

Contact Angela Johnson

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