Jennifer Block

Title: Business Analyst
Company: MarketSource, Inc.
Location: Fountain Inn, SC United States

Proactive and productive, Jennifer Block is always looking to stay one step ahead of the pack. After graduating from college, she initially started out working as an administrative assistant to the vice president of a company. Over the next 13 years, Ms. Block continually learned and gained more work experience, until she was prepared to step into her current leadership role of business analyst. The corporation she is employed with, MarketSource, Inc., provides the unique skills and expertise to integrate brand-centric marketing and sales solutions for mid- to large-sized companies worldwide.

Ms. Block’s career path was one of her own choosing, but she was influenced by her father, who worked in a similar background. She prepared for her profession by completing college education in the area of business administration.  The biggest challenge Ms. Block faced along the way was adjusting to working at home versus daily face-to-face interaction. She has become very proficient in handling her responsibilities and getting the job done via email and over the phone, however, and considers her greatest accomplishment to be the trust and respect she has gained from everyone in the company.

When Ms. Block has spare time, she enjoys volunteering and making a difference through a variety of charitable organizations. She supports the mission of and volunteers with the Junior League, an international organization focused on the growth of women, and works with Project Linus, which produces blankets for adults and children. Additionally, Ms. Block is involved with Girls on the Run, an international organization that builds confidence in young girls, and Hope Reach, which focuses on autism. She hopes to be remembered as a kind and selfless person who always lent a hand to others.

Contact Jennifer Block

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