Janice O’Keefe-Chalifoux

O'Keefe-Chalifoux, JaniceTitle: Professional Image Consultant, Career Coach
Company: Enhance My Style
Location: Boylston, MA United States

An expert in etiquette and style, Janice O’Keefe-Chalifoux has served as an image and business consultant for hundreds of medical practices around the U.S. She is skilled at assisting executives, graduating college students, job-seekers, and men and women who wish to polish their own personal image or brand. Through her consultancy, Enhance My Style, Ms. O’Keefe-Chalifoux is able to do just that. In her role, she helps clients achieve their personal or professional style goals, reviews resumes, assists with job searches, and teaches clients how to present themselves at interviews.

Ms. O’Keefe-Chalifoux is also an accomplished public speaker and presenter. She has appeared on shows like “The Today Show,” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and has taught classes for businesses and organizations such as Harvard University’s Women in Leadership group. In the next five years, Ms. O’Keefe-Chalifoux aims to bring her services to corporations so she can give their employees makeovers. She would also like to move into a full time position. At the moment, Ms. O’Keefe-Chalifoux  is working to obtain a master’s degree in American studies from Lesley University. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in American studies from Lesley University and a degree in nursing from the University of Massachusetts.

O'Keefe-Chalifoux, Janice logo

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