Carlenia Springer

Springer, CarleniaTitle: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Destiny Embraced
Location: Washington D.C., United States

Having displayed advanced intuitive abilities from an early age, Carlenia Springer consistently sought knowledge and wisdom from spiritual masters. She has since used her experiences to support others in their healing journey through her company, Destiny Embraced. The transformational training and coaching company supports highly intuitive women and youth in remembering their cosmic heritage, aligning with their purpose, and producing extraordinary results that allow them to live their best lives.

Ms. Springer is highly accomplished and respected in her field. As a Black Belt Speaker, she is skilled in transformational speaking. To that end, she was a guest on “The Joan Henry Radio Show,” a presenter at a women’s empowerment conference in Chicago called, “Fabulous You, It’s a Matter of Being,” and an interviewee on “Kama Speaks,” which is a show designed to motivate and inspire their audience to pursue their passion regardless of obstacles. Additionally, Ms. Springer is the co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, “Live Your Best Life.” She prepared for her career by becoming a certified life coach through COMPASS in 2009, and earning a rape crisis counseling certificate from the D.C. Rape Crisis Center in 2003. Ms. Springer also holds a first, second and third degree Reiki and master teacher certificate from the World Center for Tara Reiki, and a Usui Reiki first and second degree training certificate.

Springer, Carlenia logoContact Carlenia Springer

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