Jane Erwin

Erwin, JaneTitle: Chair
Company: Texas Woman’s University Foundation
Location: Denton, TX United States

Jane Erwin’s strengths lie in relationship building and organization, which is why her position as the chair of Texas Woman’s University Foundation is a great fit. She joined the nonprofit organization to help her alma mater; she firmly believes in its mission and the strength and leadership abilities it provides to the women who attend. Ms. Erwin’s career requires a lot of fundraising, but she has never been the type of person that was pushy; she feels that if people trust her and she trusts them, it’s a win all around. Her methods have proven successful too, as she has generated over $3 million in donations.

The highlight of Ms. Erwin’s career was when she first entered the development arena, and earned an award for going above and beyond the call of duty. She was also recognized as an Outstanding Young Women of America, and was honored with the Outstanding Staff Award from Texas Woman’s University. Additionally, Ms. Erwin is a graduate of Denton Leadership.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Erwin believes that the education she received at Texas Woman’s University was what opened the doors to her thriving career. She enjoys ensuring that the donations she has received for the TWU Foundation are properly used, and looks forward to continuing to better the lives of others. If Ms. Erwin could offer some advice to the younger generation of women, it would be to understand the importance of being trustworthy and communicating effectively.

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