Andrea R. Levine, M.Ed.

Title: Special Educator
Company: Baltimore County Public Schools
Location: Baltimore, MD United States

Garnering more than two decades of experience in autism studies and education, Andrea R. Levine continues to see success in her quest to prove that a learning disability does not have to hold you back. She is currently serving in her seventh year as a special educator at Baltimore County Public Schools. Through the school district, she drives from site to site to give special needs children individual educational attention. Each session is an hour long per child, and afterward, she compiles progress and updates reports for the parents and her office. Ms. Levine also attends meetings and events, provides education for special needs children from ages 3 to 5, sits on the IEP team, and tests children at the assessment center for the district.

To stay on top of her field, Ms. Levine is currently pursuing an Ed.D in special education with concentrations in early childhood and autism special education from Walden University. She earned a master’s degree in early childhood special education from Johns Hopkins University in 1998, and a Bachelor of Arts in early childhood education from Towson University in 1994. Additionally, Ms. Levine holds a certification in administration and autism studies.

Ms. Levine is a member of the Maryland State Department of Education, the Maryland State Education Association, the National Education, and the Autism Society. She is also charitably involved with Roar for Autism, Honestly Autism Day, and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. In the next five years, Ms. Levine hopes to initiate and write grants for preschool autism programs.

Contact Andrea R. Levine

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