Victoria A. Zuber

Title: Interim CEO
Company: EnWin Utilities Ltd
Location: Windsor, ON, Canada

After starting out in accounting, a natural progression of opportunities led Victoria Zuber to venture into the finance field. The biggest challenge she had to overcome along the way was gaining trust and respect in a male-dominated industry. Ms. Zuber takes pride in surviving in the industry for the past four decades, and working her way up to earn the title of interim CEO of EnWin Utilities Ltd. The company is responsible for the distribution of electricity and the maintenance of the power line infrastructure in the region.

Prior to being named interim CEO, Ms. Zuber served as the chief financial officer for the company. She also has experience in leadership roles in the areas of legal regulations and IT assets. Ms. Zuber’s greatest strength is creating an approachable atmosphere where others are free to share their thoughts, which is why she has made such a successful leader.

Ms. Zuber is inspired by the people she works with and the passion she has for what she does. One of her goals is to train the next generation and prepare them to step into roles of leadership. If Ms. Zuber could offer some advice to the younger generation of women entering the workforce, it would be to learn how to separate what is business and what is personal. Oftentimes, she has found that the obstacles encountered along the way are not meant as a personal attack.

When Ms. Zuber isn’t working, she enjoys playing golf, and is on the board of the golf committee. She also supports the charitable mission of United Way.

Contact Victoria A. Zuber

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