Lynn P. Kendall

Title: Electrical Engineering Support Technician,
Adjunct Faculty of WAN Technologies
Company: Owens State Community College
Location: Toledo, OH United States

Geared toward technical work, Lynn P. Kendall is an engineer by trade. As a good listener with a love for learning, she chose to take her skills to an educational setting, and is currently serving as an electrical engineering support technician and adjunct faculty of WAN technologies at Owens State Community College. Ms. Kendall’s greatest strength is patience when dealing with the younger generation. As a woman in today’s world, she feels that teamwork and constantly learning along the way have contributed to her success.

Looking to the future, Ms. Kendall intends to continue studying for the certified network exam, and eventually become the lead instructor in a wide-area network technology program. She enjoys woodworking with her son in their woodworking shop when she has spare time. Ms. Kendall also likes remodeling her ancient house and working with her hands. Additionally, she supports the Red Cross as a blood donor.

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