Tamonie Denegall

Title: Auditor
Company: Defense Logistics Agency
Location: Forestville, MD United States

Tamonie Denegall has always been interested in mathematics. She pursued her passion at Payne University, and upon her graduation in 1988, she began working at a CPA firm. Later on, Ms. Denegall joined The US Army Agency, which sent her to Hawaii to earn a master’s degree in business from Chaminade University in 1994. She has also conducted internal auditing for the Department of Defense, and worked for the Inspector General’s office.

Now, with 27 years as an auditor under her belt, Ms. Denegall is serving as an auditor for the Defense Logistics Agency. She has held that position for the last six years, and prides herself on making sure the taxpayers are getting what they paid for. The Defense Logistics Agency is the Department of Defense’s largest logistics combat support agency, and provides support in both peacetime and wartime operations, humanitarian missions, and emergency preparedness procedures. Ms. Denegall has found that the federal government does include diversity, but it is male-dominated, so in order to be competitive, she has to work a little harder and always be at the top of her game. One of her greatest accomplishments happened several years ago, during an audit in Cape Cod, Massachusetts regarding contamination. There was a lot of waste that was being billed to the government, and, due to the audit, organizational structures were changed for the better. Ms. Denegall is proud that her work had a positive impact, and she hopes to be remembered for making a difference.

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