Angela R. Crane, MD

Crane, Angela 1323235Title: 1) Owner
2) Investigative Health Journalist

Company: 1) Engaged Environment, LLC
2) Angela Crane Associates, LLC

Location: Nashua, NH United States

As a new entrepreneur, Angela R. Crane’s main responsibility is to bring awareness to the issues that face the nation today. She founded Engaged Environment, LLC, and Angela Crane Associates, LLC, as forums to discuss topics like homelessness, police brutality and health care. Dr. Crane is passionate about helping others, and hopes to create better schools and workplaces by breaking down the barriers of stagnation and the fear of change. Additionally, she would like to change the role of education to include social, emotional, mental and physical health. Making the life-changing decision to follow her passion was the highlight of Dr. Crane’s career.

Prior to her current position, Dr. Crane spent 20 years practicing emergency and internal medicine. She is a problem-solver and an excellent communicator. One of her strengths is her uncanny ability to combine seemingly disparate findings to uncover problems and produce creative solutions. Dr. Crane remains involved in the industry as a member of the American College of Physician Executives, and as a member of the executive council at the New Hampshire Medical Society.

Crane LogoContact Dr. Angela R. Crane

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